Why recap?

Because I’m a masochist.


I mean, how else could you explain the fact that someone is willing to give his/her (precious) time to write long paragraphs about something that he/she may love, but that will likely not be read in the end (at least, for now). You may call that defeatism, I call that realism.

Especially when one may face harsh (sometimes rude and insulting) comments like those I’ve read recently on Dramabeans…That makes you reconsider about writing, in a foreign language to boot. And yet, there’s this urge to write and share opinions, and discuss about your favorite stuff, so in the end, you just give in.

With this blog, I want to improve my english recap and discuss Japanese dramas, albeit I’m not putting korean ones behind. Thing is, I’m learning Japanese, and I think I know more about Japan and its culture than I do about Korea. Wow, I sound mighty arrogant here, even though my knowledge of Japanese is still in a beginner state. But that was only to highlight the difference between what I know about Japan, and what I know about Korea.

For the record, I intend to recap “vintage” Japanese dramas. Why? Because they are over, and it’s easier to check those which are better. I personnally prefer to recap something good rather than be disappointed halfway with a live show and reluctantly carry on with the recap. Also, I love vintage.

I confess I hope to interest people who don’t usually watch Asian dramas. I’d love to share my passion for Japanese culture, and what’s better than dramas to do that? I mean, you learn so many things about a culture just by watching a 46 minutes episode of any drama from whatever country. As much as I hate don’t like the daily soap “Plus Belle La Vie”, I can’t deny you’ll surely learn bits of French culture watching it. (I…guess?)

[Oh mon dieu, never thought I’d write about PBLV and even put a picture…]

So, I’ll do my best to provide a good mix of entertainment and cultural information. That may sound childish, stupid or unrealistic, but my sincerity is genuine. After all, I am a foreigner who fell for Japanese culture through its media production myself and I wrote a thesis about Japanese and Korean dramas (ok, the point was more about how french viewers perceived Asian dramas) so maybe my point of view will be appreciated by others in the same stage of learning.

Remember that this is personal blog, so everything I’ll write here will be my personal opinions and I don’t pretend to be a fount of knowledge. I just try to entertain my guests and myself, and if I can share some informations in the process, I’d be delighted.


16 thoughts on “Why recap?

  1. “Because I’m a masochist”. Jajajaja….

    That’s exactly why I don’t recap.

    I mean, I would love too, but, goodness gracious, the amount of work that goes into recapping is indeed masochistic… I’m so totally in awe of everyone who recaps (and I can’t believe how much javabeans and girlfriday recap!!!), because I really can’t get myself to do it.

    Hat off to you! 😀

    • Jajajaja = hahahaha (picked that up in Spanish-speaking lands, and somehow writing “ja” comes more naturally than “ha” although when I read it in German it sounds totally wrong because it sounds different + means something else in German).

      • Haha, you reminded me of a good friend of mine, who began learning Spanish when she saw how I was into Japanese (I swear, there’s a logic to what I’m saying). I discovered the “jajaja” at that moment. Like the korean “kekeke” or “kkkk” (I’m scared of that last one, because if you forget one “k” it becomes “kkk”…Use with caution).

    • I KNOW!
      Javabeand and Girlfriday aren’t humans! Or, they really have found the door to the 5th dimension. Or, they really have elves slaves. Or, they’re just awesome 🙂

  2. “Because I’m a masochist.

    THE END.”

    AHAHA je t’aime himonogirl!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah….now that I review more than I recap, I seriously do not know how I managed to recap so many episodes back in the day. It’s like I can’t even go back to recapping now! But your recaps are awesome; sometimes I think you’re more eloquent in English than I am!

    • Mukyaaaah! Merci beaucoup! Tiens, un cadeau ♥ kekekeke
      I KNOW! So much work…but is it strange that I prefer writing recaps rather than reviews? I blame le Marquis de Sade for bringing sadism to our sweet naive country (sarcasm inside).
      Thank you for your comment, it motivates me to keep writing ^^ I remember there was a little sentence on your blog (but I can’t find it anymore), about how it doesn’t cost anything to share your appreciation through a comment, and I totally related to that. Merci mille fois, ma chère !

  3. Hi – I just found your wordpress recap site today.

    I’ve just finished watching Episode 8 of Rich Man, Poor Woman with Shun Oguri and Satomi Ishihara. I wanted to congratulate you for your excellent work on the recap of Episode One which is the only one I have looked at so far. I was staggered by the amount of images and I know how much work goes into doing a full recap with images and quotes as well as opinions.

    I know because I have (this year) recapped Smash, Luck, The Newsroom, and am presently recapping the starz series called BOSS. These are of course on American television. But as I began watching Rich Man, Poor Woman, I found the series very appealing. I go back aways with Ishihara – I first saw her in the baseball series H2, then I watched her in Nurse Aoi. I also saw her in a film called Flying Rabbits about cabin attendants that play basketball. As for Shun Oguri – I’ve seen him in Hana Yori Dango (both seasons), Smile, and Juui Doolittle, before this one.

    Yes, I am from Florida, but I watch Japanese TV Series all the time. And I have written up a number of Japanese Dramas on my blog called The Arts. I’ve have webpages for a number of J-TV series. Hope you will check them out. Just find the Category menu and click the Japanese TV Dramas/DVD link. I had seriously considered recapping Rich Man, Poor Woman – but now that I see what a great job you have done, I think I won’t

    I’m wondering if you are going to go beyond Episodes 1-4 for Rich Man, Poor Woman. I also wonder if you are in Paris. For the record I’ve just signed on and am now following your blog. Keep up the great work.


  4. “Because I’m a masochist.

    THE END.”

    Why does that sound so divine? I’ve often thought about it, but dramasochism is the only possible answer! If i try to review something i find myself thinking i want to write about this and that and then about the other thing and then that voice echoes in my brain “dude, you want to write about everything, just recap it” and the story goes as expected with a recap coming up to the surface. I often think i should have more pairs of hands like Shiva and a few more pairs of eyes like spiders with a few more screens and keyboards so that i could watch and then write about 4 dramas at the same time after i have partitioned my brain. And then i think, quel malheur, c’est pas possible!!!! Et malheuresement je peux pas έcrire about more than one drama at the same time and i come back to reality, the reality of a dramasochist! I am glad for your comment because it led me here! XD

    • “dude, you want to write about everything, just recap it”
      I KNOW! This is exactly the feeling. Unfortunately, I’m the victim of a highly crippling ailment: procrastination.
      So I find myself wanting to write about so many dramas, only to be months without a new post. Bummer. Quel malheur, indeed 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

      • Procrastination is a big enemy! Just like time and real life! They always torment a drama addict’s life. You’re very welcome, hope my french weren’t that bad, je parle pas beaucoup de francais, it’s been a long time since i practiced them, but i do recall a few phrases, words, etc 😀

      • Gyabo! Don’t get me started on real life! It just brings a whole other batch of posts I still didn’t write @__@
        (don’t worry about your french, c’était parfait!)

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