My Favorites

As you can guess, here you can find my favorites websites / blogs.

Because, why procrastinate by myself when I can lure others to follow the same path? *evil cackle*


Midnight Express

My Drama Tea


The Talking Cupboard

The Grand Narrative


4 thoughts on “My Favorites

  1. Ummm, I feel like I didn’t see this page before. Feeling very special that I’m on this very exclusive list of 5!

    Checking out the others… The Grand Narrative is super interesting!

    • Glad you noticed it. Teehee ♪
      And I put special care on your picture ^^ Because you don’t have a static banner.
      I remember this picture was taken from the cute Korean movie adapted from a manhwa.

      Yeah, I like Grand Narrative, his posts are always detailed. I learned a LOT about korean culture.

      • I noticed because someone ended up on my blog from your page.

        I was going to comment on the picture you chose (but forgot), because I think it’s perfect… represents my blog well and me too (because I like photography).

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