Himono’s hats

Headers…How many hours have I spent making these headers, and I know I’ll spend even more in the future. But all in all I enjoy(ed) it. For practical reasons, I’ve chose to stick to very simple points: one picture, the blog’s name, the tagline. You could say, less is more? Headers are, to a blog, what hats are for a woman. You change all the time to sport a different style. And it’s when you see them in a dresser that you appreciate the variety. So, here’s a peek at the hats this blogs dons.

gosh, there’s a very bad pun (which could work both in english and french), but I have to…refrain….I have a face to save dammit!

Header Erika Toda

Header Ryo Kase

Header Shun Oguri

Header Satomi Ishihara

Header Koyuki

Header Maki Horikita

Header Aoi Miyazaki

Header Aoi Yuu

Header Chiaki Kuriyama

Header Ryoko Hirosue

Header Mikako Tabe

Header Daniel ChoiHeaders Yoon Eun-hye

Header Shin Mina

Header Kim Bum


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