xxxHOLiC – Episode 7

holic 7.mp4_snapshot_21.21_[2015.08.03_15.48.09]

Time for Himawari to shine! Watanuki gets to finally hear his Lady Sunflower’s tragic fate and his reaction…well, befits a penultimate episode. Gotta keep the show going, eh?

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xxxHOLiC – Episode 6

holic6.mp4_snapshot_24.21_[2015.07.31_20.02.29]I…I don’t know what I expected, but it was most certainly NOT that. Now, I’ll never think about this episode without images of leather-clad girls popping up in my mind. Add sexual innuendos, a cougar seducing a confused teen, not enough Yuuko onscreen, and we’re in for a really weird episode. Continue reading

xxxHOLiC – Episode 4

xxxholic 4.mp4_snapshot_12.11_[2015.07.04_20.35.57]Angels aren’t always the saviors we think they are, and high school girls can hide dark secrets under their cute uniforms. This episode is all about choice, and Watanuki begrudgingly forms a duo with Doumeki against bad spirits, letting us witness the birth of a bromance. With Yuuko on our side to cheer on them, let the ship sail! Continue reading