Take me home ~ Mimi Wo Sumaseba


This is the kind of precious work that I’m hesitant to tackle, for fear of tainting its magic. Even thinking about the movie is enough for the nostalgia to kick in, and I can feel my heart squeeze. But this movie celebrates its 20th anniversary this year (July 15th), so it’s an occasion I can’t miss. Go down the road with me as I return to the place where I belong, a land that never fails to soothe my soul.

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The Old Lady’s Coat

Merry Christmas! And behold! I’m not empty-handed this year *pats herself on the back* What about a lovely tale in which you’ll see that one should think twice before targeting and old lady?

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Color your life

Suicide and animation. That’s an unlikely association and yet Director Hara Keiichi managed to make it work. Did you ever wonder what kind of rules you must follow in the Afterlife, if you try to take your own life? Colorful gives you an insight of its own and proves that Death has never been so full of Life. Continue reading