Snake along

And it is already this time of the year again. A never ending circle. Like a snake, which we celebrate this year.

I take this occasion to thank all of you who follow (or not) this blog. 2012 wasn’t easy for me, and I had even less time than I thought to dedicate to recaps or articles. So, thank you for putting up with my inconstancy and for coming back.

New years are generally the period of resolutions, but I know myself enough to refrain from making any promise I would break later. BUT, I have a joker to distract you this year too. Last time, I gave you Toma in a kimono, and now it’s….(Vintage) Sebumi! Enjoy the feast and I hope to see you guys around soon ♥ Happy New Year ♥

4 thoughts on “Snake along

  1. Happy New Year Himono lovely!

    Did you draw that 2013? It’s very cool. Yep, year of the snake coming towards us.

    I don’t do New Year resolutions either 😀

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