SPEC comes to a close

OH. SNAP. You want a proof of Santa God’s existence? There it is: THERE’S GONNA BE A LAST CHAPTER FOR SPEC!!

Imma need some major chill pills, because I just can’t compute this news. Not only will there be another movie named 『SPEC~結~(クローズ)』(SPEC~Close~) but they’re adding another TV drama special: 『SPEC~結~(ゼロ)』SPEC~Zero~. Twice the pleasure!! I knew there was a reason not to end the world on December 21st.

On a rather geeky note, I ♥LOVE♥ that the team sticked with the Kishōtenketsu structure. To sum up, the term highlights the structure and development of Chinese and Japanese narratives and so far we had :

–  2010 drama SPEC (Last episode): 『起』= Ki (Beginning: Introduction of theme)

–  2012 Special drama SPEC~Sho~: 『翔』= Sho (Development: Expansion of Introduction)

–  2012 Movie SPEC~Ten~: 『天』= Ten (Turn: Additional or background information related to main theme)

–  2013 Movie SPEC~Close~:『結』= Ketsu (Conclusion)

The only exception being the 2013 Drama Special, but the Zero associated to it could mean a return to the characters’ origins. And that would be a blast! The drama is already being filmed, and the pictures already leaking from the set show Toma in a somewhat different yet familiar attire. Red is my favorite color, so I dig her red suit(case).

Given the success of the movie SPEC~Ten (it grossed $29,023,960), and the way Director Tsutsumi Yukihiko VERY loosely tied the story, all the fans hoped that there’d be something more to satisfy us. In the banner promoting the drama, we can spot Toma using both her arms, and Ninomae with……….CHII!!!!! OMOMOMO *hyperventilates*

The article from Sanspo, and translated by HPriest, states that the producers confirmed that this new batch is definitely going to compose the last chapter of the series. And though I love this universe to bits and would never turn down an opportunity to see Toma and Sebumi together, I confess I’m relieved the creator planned a conclusion. For the sake of the series, and for us to remember it fondly, it needs a proper end.

While I enjoyed the movie, something was amiss. The drama special was much more in synch with the general flow of the series, and gave us poignant moments between Toma and Sebumi…which the movie ignored blatantly for the most part. But I’m totally ready to forget that if they get the story back on track.

Now, excuse me while I go back to my squealfest.

7 thoughts on “SPEC comes to a close

  1. Ahaha the last screencap pretty much sums it up!
    So from what I understand, there will be a SP and then a last movie?

  2. I have to… go back and watch the drama! I got interrupted in the middle and never picked it back up. (Not the only one I got interrupted in: Arang and the Magistrate is another one. And currently I’m trying to steel myself for the heartbreak of School 2013 where I’m four episodes behind despite the fact that I love it.)

    • Gah….I understand what it feels to be flooded by dramas (or simply life) so I can’t argue here.
      Still…GO WATCH THE DRAMA! haha
      Oh, I’m waiting for all the episodes of School 2013 to be aired, so that I can marathon it. It looks so good.
      Is it better than Answer Me 1997? I loved this series, but it kind of dragged in the end.

      • School 2013 is just lovely, but it does so break my heart. And I’m saying that only four episodes in! I haven’t watched Answer Me 1997 yet (it’s on my list, since everyone seems to rave about it).

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