Do you speak Shu?

Massive Hotness Attack…Possible side effect: nosebleed.

Shiseido wrapped cuteness, boyish charms, fun retro and The Beatles in ONE series of CMs, for its brand Uno Fog Bar, and it’s pure gold.

I know it’s kinda old (2009-2010), but I just discovered it, and I wanted to share since I’m recapping two projects featuring half the cast of this CM. YES, that’s the lamest excuse I could come with. What can I say, Internet is fabtastic.

I dare you not to squeal and laugh at this hilarious campaign, with Japan’s hottest commodities: Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita and Miura Haruma. They seriously look like they had a freaking good time together, and I can’t stop grinning as I rewatch the video. Heck, I even dont’ mind the music stucking in my head. ♪

That’s an ode to the Swinging London if I ever saw one, and my inner vintage-crazy self squealed in unison with my inner flower boys fetish. Alua, I so envy you. 

As if that wasn’t enough, they brought in actress Miyazaki Aoi to cameo in the woman version. Miyazaki, my girl crush in Dramaland, along an other Aoi (Yuu). Cuteness overload.

Eita cracks me up, in the way he treats her and she fires back. Don’t fuck with a girl and her hair!

The more recent version has them dancing in very colorful attires. Who needs idol groups when you have them? Now, you know THIS is the F4 we wanted to see.

Santa, I know I doubted your existence many years ago, but I swear I’ll give you a milk glass and cookies if you give me just a leeeeeetle drama with these guys together. Santa? Allo? Drat. I’m gonna find this Fob Barber by myself. シュッ!

10 thoughts on “Do you speak Shu?

  1. Himono!!! Jajaja… if/when you come to London we can do a tour that includes all the locations in the video (I recognised most of them… actually all but the place of the barber shop).

    “Japan’s hottest commodities: Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita and Miura Haruma.” Although that’s a fabulous list, it’s glaringly missing Matsujun ♥

    I suppose I could bring up Okada Masaki as well.

    They must have had a hell lot of fun filming this!

    • Promised, right? It’s written, I have proof now!
      haha, I’m very much obliged, and of course will help you back if you ever come to Paris. Since it’s gonna be quite hectic in London, why not hopping in the Eurostar and come to the City of Lights? (note: I do NOT work for Paris Tourist Office, I swear).
      Though I like Matsujun, I didn’t miss him here…The foursome works perfectly as it is :3
      Plus, Matsujun already had his gang…which Oguri represents in this CM, so it’s fair!
      Okada Masaki is an other matter…but don’t you think Miura looks a bit like him?

      • Promised… but there is a time limit as I’m planning to be outta here in two years time.

        I would come to Paris now, but I’ve already got travel plans. Not going to be in the UK Aug 1-29 :-). I preplan my escape from East London after all (I can HEAR the sounds from the Olympic stadium, which is about 1 mile away from my house. In fact, it’s the route of my morning running except now they have closed off the canal there).

        Well, if you don’t want Matsujun, l’ll have him. Definitely, definitely missed him here.

        And I disagree: Miura and Okada Masaki look nothing alike. Okada has a quite unique look. There are a lot of good-looking people, but some are really beautiful, extremely photogenic and visually very versatile. I know I’m just sounding superficial here, but from my artistic point of view (I have always drawn, went to art school and still do photography) Okada, Matsujun (or people like Kang Dong-won and Kim Jae-wook) are completely separate from all the other pretty flower boys because they’ve got some sort of ‘it’ factor.

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