Marketing no Hikari

I usually never pay attention to the websites created to promote a movie, but I found myself positively enjoying the one made for 映画 ホタルノヒカリ, better known internationally as “Hotaru The Movie: It’s Only A Little Light In My Life”. You can visit it here.

They visibly put a lot of effort, down to little details. I love the gorgeous picture welcoming us, including the messy suitcase full of Hotaru’s trademark jerseys.

But the thing that tickles my pun-loving self? The tagline: 干物花婿ゴロゴロ~マ! Which more or less means “The Himono bride rolls to Roma!” Weeeell, now that I’m trying to translate it, I can see that it loses its flavor, since the pun plays with the sound 「ゴロゴロ」- Goro Goro, an onomatopoeia referring to something rolling, and whoever watched Hotaru no Hikari will remember how Hotaru loves to roll around the house saying “Goro Goro”.

They mixed the last “Ro” of “Goro Goro” with “Roma”, where the movie takes place. Is it silly? Yes, and that’s why I’m lovin’ it.

I’ve seen the BTS of this sequence, and besides feeling sorry for actress Ayase Haruka who certainly got some bruises rolling down the Spanish steps, it was hilarious to see the crew dashing in and out of an ice cream shop to hand brand new cones to actor Naohito Fujiki, since it took only seconds for them to melt in his hands! Wait, Naohito being associated with melting is only logical…

SO, the website develop interaction with its visitor on a different level than, say, the usual simple site offering a trailer and some pictures. Here, I enjoyed my visit, or should I say my exploration, thanks to some interactive features.

Take「ジャージ占い」- Jersey Uranai (The Jersey’s Fortune-Telling). Once you open the page, a cuuuuute anime version of Hotaru asks you to click on an even cuter “Himono-chan” (can you guess what it is? No, it’s not a heart, and here‘s a picture of the real thing. Japanese are really gifted to turn something gross into a cute mascot).

Depending on whatever luck you may have that day, you’ll be given a color accompanied by the prediction for the same day.

Let’s see the one for Light Blue, so you can see how it works:

It says: 積極的に行動するとラッキーな予感。ジャージを脱いで、外に出てみよう!which I can roughly translate as “An assertive behaviour and a lucky premonition. Take off your jersey and let’s head outside!”

I suppose it’ll be more fun for those who master or learn Japanese, but one can also try to get his/her favorite Himono-chan and make an avatar out of it!

On the contrary, the facebook app letting fans post 「川柳」- Senryu (a comic version of Haiku) would hardly entertain those not speaking the language.

I suggest you skip it to see the map listing the key spots for our couple in Roma. As says Audrey Amemiya, just click on the pink icons to reveal the pictures.

I think that’s a pretty cool way to engage the viewer in the “let’s see the pictures” part. It cleverly plays with the distinctive elements of the movie and recreates its atmosphere, involving the viewer in the process.

And for those wondering how far they walked down the Himono road, time to test your Himono-ness with the special quiz.

Here’s a sample: On a day off, rather than going out, I prefer staying at home to sleep. YES – NO.

If you’re….say, lucky, you’ll attain 「天然記念物級干物女」- Tennen Kinen Butsu Kyu Himono Onna (Rank of a protected species as a Himono Onna). Congrats?

It’s easy to notice that I really enjoyed the contents, and will pin this website as a good example of a successful marketing strategy, in the way it associates the viewer with the movie it promotes. The blog created for this occasion, though simple in its form, provides me with a very relevant picture.

When the Himono Onna style is being encouraged this way, no one can resist. Santé!

One thought on “Marketing no Hikari

  1. Ahaha I’m pretty sure I’d gain himono-onna status 😉

    The posters/promo site are so cute! It definitely suits Hotaru & Buchou. I thought the rolling down the stairs was a bit too much even though it was amusing. Obviously it must’ve hurt a lot to roll down those o_o

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