Back from the dead

It was hard. Like, HAAAAAAAARD (and I’m not speaking about the Gay one). I disappeared from the blogosphere much to my own dismay, never having imagined my short holiday would turn out the way it did. First, NO access to internet. IN THIS DAY AND AGE! The horror. Second, not that I was in an incredibly dangerous country, but all my fingers aren’t enough to count all the times I avoided a tea party with the Reaper. Third, did I mention that I didn’t have access to internet? Fate, you owe me. A lot. In the end, I stayed over there a month, due to the fact that the house I was living in had been burglarized prior to my coming. Real good. I got to see the CSI team working, and that was a treat in itself.

What’s worse, a series of misfortune led me to eat only bread (not even baguette!) for two weeks. I had more than enough time to dream and fantasize about food, to the point that I even craved for some junk food. Ah, globalization.

I did wonder about this blog, whether or not people were still visiting it. So, think to my delight and gratefulness when I checked my stats and realized that it was still the case. To all of you, who came to read my posts even when I couldn’t even drop a line to explain the situation, thank you. For those who may have wondered about my personal well-being, I’m okay now, back in town after cooling down a bit.

Seeing the new comments, or the jump in my stats compared to before my trip truly warms the cockles of my heart, especially after all the hullabaloo I went through. I ♥ you all.

God knows I’m not the fastest blogger out there, but I truly missed this special place where I can rant about my dear dramas. For what it’s worth, I’ve missed the very presence of dramas! But for once, Fate decided to cut me some slack, and I’ve found myself especially spoiled by all those addictive, smart, exciting new dramas. Sorry Japan, but Korea totally stole the show, and my history buff heart while it was at it. Boong-do, I’m all yours! Japan will have the summer season to prove me wrong, with two movies I’m looking forward to watch…..certainly next year, but I heard patience is a virtue, and not just the name of the old lady living in the neighborhood. One is already out: Hotaru The Movie: It’s Only A Little Light In My Life. Though the second season really disappointed me, Hotaru no Hikari still has a story and a lead couple I always enjoy to see. For this theatrical release, the marketing team did a terrific job, and I plan to write a specific post about their strategy. Here’s a sample: I’m not giving up on this blog, and I’m even recapping an oldie drama I hope you’ll enjoy. For the moment, Proposal Daisakusen will have to take a backseat, since I believe it’s more interesting to focus on less known dramas. And before I conclude, let’s play a little game. I’ve used in this post different pictures taken from different dramas. Will you be able to recognize them all? Virtual cookies to reward the winner! Let’s rule the world!

10 thoughts on “Back from the dead

  1. I just woke up so I am not even going to try and identify all the movies (although I spy Okada Masaki in one of the images ♥).

    What country were you in that “all my fingers aren’t enough to count all the times I avoided a tea party with the Reaper”?!?! And no internet… I’ve been in places without internet (like my local café… or my Dad’s construction site in Kashmir… actually they do have internet there but it’s so slow it’s like not having it). Even a classmate of mine that works in Afghanistan has internet (but then she’s a journalist and they might have it especially set up. She did complain about the satellite signal for the TV though as it keeps interrupting her enjoyment of the Euro Cup jajaja!).

    “a series of misfortune led me to eat only bread”. Poor you. Totally feel for you. Gotta have good food.

    Haven’t given myself to Boong-do yet, I’m watching I Do, I Do and Big at the moment and getting back to Nodame Cantabile. Everything else (including Spec, Tsuritama, Mirai Nikki and more I have get back to). I did get sucked into marathoning Hana Kimi last week though!

    Anyhow, I’m SO THRILLED you are back!

    • Aluaaaaaa —> virtual hug

      html problem fixed! ♪

      Okada Masaki….♥
      weeeeeell, that’s why I said it’s not usually an incredibly dangerous country, though it can be depending on where you’re staying.
      It’s Morocco (crap, I didn’t want to name it). We got really unlucky, but it was in a “new” area (read: they’re constructing buildings where nothing existed before, so there is no police around. Way to give the OK to every burglar in the vicinity).
      For the internet, I didn’t have a computer, nor a connection, and I just hate going to the public internet center, full of guys waiting to hit on the “little french girl”.

      Yes, I’m BAAAAAACK! It feels so good, you can’t even imagine…

      • Thanks for the fixing. *sigh of relief – I do hate those typos*

        Okada Masaki….♥♥♥ Ja, I’m so biased. But everyone gets an eye candy quota!

        I would actually loooove to visit there, but I can’t believe you only ate bread there? Did you catch a stomach bug or something? When I think Morocco my mind immediately goes ahhhhh! amazing food! spice markets! heaven!

      • ah, thank god I didn’t catch a bug, but our situation was so dire (and the location so far from…well, everything) that I couldn’t enjoy the pleasures of the Moroccan food I’ve missed for so long. And when I think that before the trip, I was excited at the thought of eating, drinking, tasting everything coming my way….sigh.

        Straight from Heaven to Hell.

  2. Welcome back!
    Living with bread for 2 weeks? My version was feed yourself for 1 month with 1 liter of milk and 1 bag of Kellogs each day. Never again: You see things differently when you have felt the real hunger, right?
    What would we do without Internet, us fellow bloggers. *sentence of death*.
    I agree with you about K dramas being globally better than J doramas these days, BUT 2 recent shows just worked for me: Hungry! and Legal High. You might want to give it a try.
    Again, nice to see you around. Take care of you. 🙂

    • Copine !
      Okay, I lied a bit. I did get to eat half of a chicken. Once. Pfft.
      Fortunately, I was clever enough to bring a jar of nutella. Nutella, you saved my life.
      You’re so right: I appreciate and am grateful everything I eat now!

      oooh, by the end of my trip, I was lying in bed everyday because of an acute stress pain. A real sentence of death would have been a merciful release.

      Even though I’m under Mukai Osamu’s spell, I don’t feel like watching Hungry!, though Legal High does raise my interest….

  3. Thumbs up for Shinohara Ryoko! I didn’t like Ogon no Buta enough to commit to it..but Shinohara Ryoko is awesome!

    *sigh* I’m hoping for some good jdramas this summer. I desperately need them!

    By the way, I’m glad you’re back!

    • Ding, Ding!
      Already one good reply, so here’s your reward:
      virtual cookie
      (hope it’s working….crosses fingers)

      you’re damn right: whatever lame drama she’s acting in, Shinohara Ryoko is DA girl.
      I’m still in my kdrama bubble, and didn’t check the next batch of jdrama for this summer…
      I hope there will be some awesomeness too…Japan knows how to make you feel good in summer (so that you enjoy your time IN when it’s insanely hot OUT)

      I’m also glad to be baaaaaack ♥

      • Merci beaucoup! I KNOW, no matter what drama she’s in, she’s AWESOME. I liked her drama Haken no Hinkaku though 😀

        Summer doesn’t feel complete without a jdrama to obsess over. *hoping*

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