I need a rehab

GAH. How cool can these two be?

And each line fits perfectly with the character.

Toma: 未来を掴め。(Seize the future)

Sebumi: 真実を疑え。(Suspect the truth)

Now that my new wallpaper has been chosen, let’s talk about serious stuff. I’ve seen the SPEC ~翔~ SP episode (THANK YOU D-Addicts) and since that I suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms.

First, I NEED these two to be together. Never thought I’d go there, but I’ve made up my mind. I don’t mind how, one can’t go without the other, period. Meanwhile, I’ll feast my eyes on some pretty pictures.

With craving being the most evident symptom, I’ve quickly scoured the net in search of some informations or pictures related to my drug.

To all of my SPEC fellows out there, I present here what I’ve found. I’m sure you’re lurking around, so don’t be shy and indulge yourself.

You’ll be glad to know that there’s a manga adaptation, though it looks more like it was made to accompany the release of both the SP and the movie. Ninomae looks more devilish than ever in the Baddies cover, while Sebumi and Toma look….nothing near the awesome duo we know. The tagline says: “Which side will win?” Sorry, but I’ll pass on this one.

A  「 モバゲー」 – Mobage (Cell phone gaming) has also been developed, and from what I’ve understood, you have to collect cards while fighting SPEC holders. Apparently, there are rare cards, like this Miyabi-chan card below (in order: Mirei – Sebumi – Miyabi-chan). Hmmm. Once again, I don’t really dig Toma’s portrayal, nor Sebumi’s. Maybe because the drawings actually fail to properly convey their badassery, and make them too “kawaii”.

And now, the gift I’ve always wanted even though I never thought it existed. Oh, Japan. Your goodies never fail to amaze me. That is the most perfect snow globe interpretation ever. If I ever own one, I’ll make sure to have my own “Itadakimashita” moment. I bet I’ll look pretty stupid, but that won’t differ much from my usual self. You know you want one too!This (oh-so-perfect-i-want-it-so-much-i’m-drooling) snow globe also represents Toma in a cool way: kawaii but not so sugary it’ll kill Chief Nonomura on the spot. Here’s an other picture with our kick-ass duo:I confess, this post was written only to help me fill the void left by the SP, followed by the resulting need to spaz. I’ve found some kind of spoilers about the movie, that I decided not to share here but rather in the SP recap. Which may take a while before seeing the light of day, I’m afraid.

On a rather different note, you may have heard of the possible US remake of SPEC. I’m totally on the “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” bandwagon. I think America is at its best when it creates original stories, and SPEC is a rather difficult material to transfer into an other completely different culture. SPEC without gyoza? SPEC without its Japanese quirkiness? Above all, SPEC without TOMA and SEBUMI? Someone kills this freak before it rears its ugly head outta the script. Please.

For its first week, SPEC ~天~ rocketed right at the top of the box-office. And when your heart wells up with pride because of a movie you’ve yet to see, it speaks volumes about how the story has resonated within you.

Show, I love you. 

13 thoughts on “I need a rehab

  1. OMGGGGGGGGGG *swoons at Sebumi*

    Don’t worry you’re not the only one rabidly shipping these two together. I love those pictures!!!!! AUGH I have to watch the SP ASAP. Thanks for this post!!! *w*

  2. Bit slow here (me)… but that was such a cute, self-confessional post. Dare I admit that I still have not watched SPEC, but that you have seriously whetted the appetite for it now?

    Did you really use that as your screen paper? Self-conscious me never does that because then you get awkward questions from people that simply don’t get the awesomeness of J/K drama/films. (Although, admittedly, I have this as my wallpaper now, and Kang Dong-won on the alternate (i.e. more hidden) desktop…)

    • Thank you! Don’t be fooled by the genre or the synopsis. This drama is so much more than a mystery/procedural drama. It’s awesomeness warped in 10 episodes. I swear my body was pretty much exuding rainbows after I heard about the SP and the movie.

      haha, I was totally serious here. If I can have this picture as a poster, I’ll be the most happy himono on Earth. I’ve given up on self-awareness years ago, around the time when my friends and relatives agreed I was a hopeless case. So, they don’t even bat an eyelash when I run in circles screaming about the badassery of SPEC.
      Your first wallpaper is so purrrrrrty! I zoomed in, and I love the “brush” (it’s obviously made by computer but you get the idea). The second wallpaper is an other kind of prettiness. The kind we can eat. Bon appétit!

      • I’m not put off that genre-wise SPEC is a mystery/procedural drama – even if I wouldn’t go for that per se, I know that sometimes things are, on paper, not really my thing but totally awesome in reality (like Ghost in the Shell which I watched for the first time recently). It’s all about how well something is made and then a film or drama you would never otherwise go for, can become the most amazing thing.

        “exuding rainbows” — love that phrase :-), very poetic!

      • Took care of the typo for ya, but can’t reply to YOUR comment TT__TT
        The sad life of a technologically challenged girl.

        Hm, I decided to watch SPEC because of the pimp post written by darkedeyedwolf (see here: http://darkeyedwolf.livejournal.com/368070.html) and I absolutely don’t regret that, since I usually wouldn’t go near a Japanese cop show with a ten-feet pole. It’s seriously one of the best series I’ve ever got to watch.

        Speaking about “how” something is made, this series has the trifecta of writing, directing, and acting. I could go on and on about this, but it’s better iif you see it for yourself so I’ll stop here (my fingers agree).

  3. i just watched the sp and i must say i have to agree with everything u wrote from the first to the last sentence..and yes i want that snow globe, too..i also made a spec wallpaper because its almost impossible to find any keizoku 2 spec wallpapers in the net..so its looking quite dull and not very professional cuz my photoshop skills became worse with the time..if u still want to see it :http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p224/JewelAyu/bag/keispec2.jpg (not the original size but photobucket hates me right now XD)

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