Goodbye Usagi, Hello Tatsu!

I’ve been quite busy recently but that would be quite rude of me not to welcome the new year, under the auspices of Tatsu the dragon.

Tatsu may not be as cute as Usagi the rabbit (who led 2011), but he looks pretty eager to run the show.

And you can’t talk about「お正月」- Oshogatsu (the New Year holidays) without mentioning「年賀状」- Nengajou (New Year’s greeting card). I’ve found some which are pretty cute and fun.

Exhibit A: The one opening this post. It also shows that we’re now in the 24th year of the「平成」- Heisei era.

Exhibit B:

How cute can this pair of father/son be? They’re busy pounding the rice, per the「餅つき」- MochiTsuki ceremony’s tradition.

Exhibit C:

This one is actually pretty good, parodying the recent drama hit「家政婦のミタ」- Kaseifu no Mita:

Oshogatsu also rhymes with lots of festivities and this CM for the insurance company Aflac smoothly displays the main elements making the New Year feel typically Japanese:「初富士」- Hatsu Fuji (New Year first view of Mount Fuji),「福笑い」- Fukuwarai,「凧あげ」- Takoage (Kite Flying), or even「 鏡餅」- Kagami Mochi. No need to understand the language to enjoy the video:

And as the Manekineko Duck concludes:

♪ 今年もよろしくお願い致します ♪ – Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaitashimasu ♪

It has only been six months since I opened this blog, but I look forward to the next to come and hope to entertain you enough along the way. Thank you all for your patience and support. I know I’m quite behind with my recaps so here a bonus to soothe the wait: Toma. In. A. Furisode! Now, that’s a rare sight. Well, see you folks in 2012!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Usagi, Hello Tatsu!

  1. I was wondering where you were (but assuming you were busy, since these are busy days).

    Love the cute dragon pics (Tatsu IS cute as well!).

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2012, always love your reviews. 🙂

    明けましておめでとう to you!

  2. Sankyu aluaaaaaaa! Fiou, I fought hard to embed the video, and I realize you read this post in the middle of this battle..kekeke
    Lots of stuff happened IRL, but I’ll try to come back in the blogosphere ASAP.

    Bonne Année à toi aussi !

  3. That video wasn’t there before, right? (Otherwise I would feel totally totally blind.)

    But it works now and is cute!

    Hope it’s all good stuff that happened and that lots more good is to come for you in 2012! (Can’t remember now if France is in the same time zone or not… I’m in Autriche at the moment so it’s 12:27 just now, i.e. Jan 1 2012!)

    Bonne Année! Feliz año nuevo! Gutes neues Jahr! Gelukkig nieuwjaar! 새해 복 많이 받으세요! Feliz ano novo! 聖誕快樂 新年快樂! and 明けましておめでとう once more.


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