SPEC ~ First Blood – Episode 2

More and more interesting. This episode seemed to slow down a bit, compared to the previous episode, but the second part definitely proved me wrong. More like the last 10 minutes or so, but I’ll take it anyway. One thing this show perfectly handle is its endings!

Song of the Post:

空中ループ (Kuuchuu Loop) -「ステレオ」(Stereo)

Episode 2:「天の双眸」(Heaven’s eyes)

This episode almost starts like the first: Sebumi is (once again) confronted by his superiors, and has to give evidence at a new hearing. But this time, his arm is in a sling as he testifies that the suspect Waki Tomohiro displayed extraordinary psychical abilities (more like physical I’d say).

The officials clearly don’t want to hear his version of the story, and with Creepy Cap Tsuda lurking in the shadows, this hearing looks pretty much like a puppet show.

In a hospital’s room, Toma lies asleep. Sebumi remembers the scene at the hotel and looks at her, concerned. That is, until the nurse tells hims that Toma has just finished eating her lunch. Eep, no wonder she’s soundly asleep, this girl eats like a horse. Maybe to retaliate for his fear, Sebumi violently punches Toma in the nose. OUCH!!!! Why, Sebu-chan, WHYYYYY?

On their way back, Toma criticizes Sebumi for his hit and he retorts that she missed the committee meeting on purpose. Oh, puppy didn’t want to face his superiors alone? But Toma has bugged the committee room, so why go? She proves it by playing the record of the hearing. You didn’t expect that, huh Sebu-chan?

Toma points out that it seems like the police is trying to pass the case as a commonplace incident, and ignored what happened to Sebumi’s partner. She also advises Sebumi to trust others a bit more, but Sebumi is particularly sensitive after what he witnessed twice, and can’t drop these cases. Toma reminds him that eventually, the police will only believe the superiors. Sad truth.

Sebumi can only agree and as they go their separate ways, he stops to say: “I’m glad you’re safe”. Aww. Both may only show their back, but this scene is telling.

The doctor who’s taking care of Shimura, Unno Ryota, discusses with Mirei about what happened to her. I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about this doctor. Mirei tells him that she’s now afraid of touching her brother. Dr. Unno wants to know what kind of things she saw and she says she only saw her last conversation with her brother, which was an argument and happened the day of his accident. I’m pretty sure she saw way more than that, but maybe she wants to hide it.

And indeed, when Dr. Unno asks her if she saw the accident itself, Mirei’s eyes darts. Strange. Dr. Unno tries to make her think that her visions were just due to her exhaustion and her lack of sleep. Dude, you’re so suspicious, and those shadows going back and forth all over your face are not helping it.

Time to go to Mishou’s office! Sebumi greets Persimmon Grandpa and Toma as he enters, and can’t help but comment on Toma’s breakfast: cutlet. Then he sees that she’s put his share on his laptop. Heh, she’s so cute.

You know there’s a new case when Miyabi-chan enters and Persimmon Chief Nonomura runs to her. But she’s not here to confront him about his divorce, so you can take a sit, Pervert Grandpa. The Ministry of Public Welfare specially sent a customer to the Mishou’s unit. Enters Rev. Oshima, whose hobby is to tweet about every little thing (not the japanese band. Har…..har). Seems like Toma and Sebumi will have a great fun!

Rev. Oshima volunteers to listen to the stories of criminals sentenced to death. Remember that Japan still practices Capital Punishment, and cute idols should never make you forget about that.

Toma senses that there’s some interesting stuff going, so she is all of a sudden more excited when she hears the words: “sentenced to death”. Sebumi puts more focus on the name of the criminal given by Rev.Oshima “Katsura Kojiro”, and quickly checks it on the Police Database.

This criminal killed 5 women, and was sentenced to death following the Nagayama standard (a nine-point set of criteria determining whether or not the death penalty should be imposed). But now, Katsura says that he has been invested with the power of God. Toma practically pounces on Rev. Oshima: Power of God, you said?

Actually, more like “clairvoyance”. Katsura claims he can see and hear beyond space. He’s said to Rev. Oshima that the police forces are too inefficient to make criminals atone for their sins. Hmm, dunno if you can really have your say in this, buddy. But Katsura now thinks of all those victims, arriving in the heavens full of anger and grief. The irony, it kills.

So Katsura Kojiro is here to follow God’s commands and on His behalf he will use his powers to execute divine punishment. I love it when demented so-called gurus hide behind acting on “God’s behalf” to conduct their madness. Rev.Oshima point out that they’re in a country ruled by…laws, but that doesn’t deter Katsura who plans to show the world how incompetent the police is. Yes, because the fact that he is behind bars just proves nothing.

His offer? Give the police 24 hours to find the offender in a cold-case murder. If they fail, he’ll play his role as Archangel Gabriel and sound the trumpet. When Rev. Oshima tells the Mishou team, Sebumi wonders what that means and Chief Nonomura suggests that Katsura may only be blurting out fibs. Rev. Oshima takes it badly and pulls out his cellphone. Uh Oh.

He may not look like it but he is a formidable netizen, and the next minute Chief Nonomura gets scold by Commissionner Baba because Rev. Oshima ratted on him on….Tubuyaiter! Muhahahaha! Way to merge YouTube and Twitter. Even Sebumi observes that Rev. Oshima’s comments are flooding the net. And Chief Nonomura shall better stop his reprimands because each thing he’s saying is being twisted and taken up by “Ohshima Father”. Gosh, it’s like dealing with a child who would repeat everything you’re saying, but distorded.

Chief Nonomura freaks out (behold the Power of Internet!) and is all forced smiles now. The Mishou unit will handle this case. Toma is all pumped up while Sebumi as usual needs to be ordered to work. So, Rev. Oshima begins to present the “game”, a 10 year-old unsolved murder, when Chief Clerk Kondo enters.

Trivia: alongside Persimmon Grandpa, he was of the 1999 drama Keizoku generation, and I bet there’s a bit of a wink when he says “Persistance pays off”.

Kondo brought the case’s file: The Aoyama Flower Arrangement Case, which was a murder without a body. We should call Lilly Rush’s team, they can come in handy. The victim was a promising and charismatic「生け花」- Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) artist, Onikado Takuya.

The day of his death, he called his wife Mariko, from his studio in Aoyama. She heard the sound of a gunfire and contacted the police who noticed obvious signs of struggle: flowers thrown everywhere, broken glasses and materials…Still, no body was found, even 10 years later.

As Toma snickers in her usual weird fashion, recalling the 24 hours time limit given by a criminal sentenced to death, she suddenly stops and looks up. “Right now, I can feel a gaze”. Huh? At the Tokyo Detention House, Katsura is also looking up as he says: “Time Shock”. The countdown starts.

At Onikado’s house, the Mishou team meets Mariko, the widow, who seems rather pleased to have the case re-opened. She kept the room exactly as it was the day of the murder. Y’know, 10 freaking years ago. She likes morbid that way because she feels like her husband’s spirit is still alive in this place, with his creations.

Speaking of which, when the room’s doors are open, said creations withered to a pitch black. Yet, the room still smells of blood and Toma loves the fragrance. Weird girl.

Chief Nonomura notes that Mariko has been raising suzumushi (bell crickets – their sound is so typical of a Japanese summer~) and she shows them the huge glass tank, decored with flowers and tiny accessories. Toma finds it gross and gets a lovely Sebumi elbow punch in return. Feel the love, girl.

According to the previous investigation, there were 2 suspects: Onikado’s right hand man – Itano Sadao, and his disciple – Matsui Kazuo. Mariko adds that both were competing with her husband,  and the fact that they respected his work doesn’t clear the suspicion. Especially when Mariko recalls how they used to clash over the art direction and the management.

And yet, both have an alibi: Onikado called Mariko at 5.30 PM. At the same moment, Itano was heading to Kyoto for some events while Matsui was at a cinema with his family to watch a movie. But, maybe he went purposedly to the cinema to secure himself an alibi, counters Sebumi. Which makes Chief Nonomura remember about how he used to do that to cheat on his wife and….wait, you’re really disgusting Pervert Grandpa! Let’s focus on the case, will ya?

Clever Girl is back at it, and points at the bloodstains. Onikado was shot, and yet there are only few bloodstains on the carpet. Sebumi reads the report, and says that Onikado was prone to self-harming behaviour and often cut his wrist in order to drink and spit out his blood. Ew.

In other words, the bloodstains weren’t due to the shooting, and the police began to develop theories of suicide. Mariko speaks up: self-harm and suicide are different. Her husband used self-harming to help him in his creation process. Which makes Sebumi change his logic and say that then, maybe the criminal used a small caliber gun, which would have caused less blood.

Toma wonders why one would use a small caliber if the goal is to kill, and he replies that if the offender is a woman she wouldn’t use a big caliber, because of the recoil.  Both look at Mariko’s hands, and Sebumi muses that the body would need to be carried out, but if the woman is powerless she would likely threaten and wound her victim so that they walk out by themselves. Nice, now you’re the suspect, Mariko!

20 hours until divine punishment. In a modern house, the Mishou team visits Michael Jacks- Itano Sadao. Like he has said the police many times before, he was driving to Kyoto that day. Sebumi agrees that indeed, there are many testimonies to prove that and Toma shows the pictures his fans took with him. She admires his perfect alibi, and his hallyu aura. She even smells him. LOL. How can she be both cute and creepy?

Sebumi speaks about the disputes Itano used to have with Onikado over the management policy. Itano agrees: he was trying to establish a new generation system, and thought that Onikado’s generation was over. Sebumi faces him and asks: “Are you still a bachelor?”. Toma’s eyes sparkle (you Yaoi fan).

Itano was close to such a beautiful widow, so Sebumi wonders if there was more to it. Bummer. Turns out the police already asked him about that, ten years ago. Itano notes that the police sure loves to suspect everyone.

He recalls how he grew up with Onikado, as childhood friends. He admits that Mariko is seductive, but she’s only family to him. Toma “pssts” to get their attention, and reminds him that he said the police that Onikado was at his Aoyama studio. Why did he think that Onikado was precisely at his studio? Itano replies that he could hear the sound of the suzumushi, hence, Onikado was certainly in his studio.

Still investigating, the Mishou team goes to Matsui Kazuo’s studio. No hallyu aura to revel in here: Matsui doesn’t hide his irritation as the team disrupted his ikebana lesson. Sebumi recites the report, and trying to trap him, he asks about the movie he saw back then, so Matsui replies that it was Taxi 2.

Sebumi tells the synopsis: From Marseille to Cannes, the explosive story about the talking taxi. Matsui smiles as he remembers. Too bad he fell in Sebumi’s trap: the taxi’s destination was Paris. He clearly hasn’t seen the movie, but counters that his child had a cold and vomited in the middle of the movie. He invites the Mishou team to ask his wife and son, though he’s divorced and has no idea of their whereabouts.

16 hours until divine punishment. Half the team gathers at the Gyoza restaurant, and Chief Nonomura  boasts about how his intuition of many years says that the culprit is Matsui. Yep, remember your epic fail from last time? He’s so sure he has solved the case he lets Toma order 10 servings. Haha, you don’t know what you’ve just done, buddy.

That is, until Sebumi enters and confirms Matsui’s alibi: he is not the culprit anymore. Even Itano’s alibi was corroborated. Persimmon Grandpa tries to cancel Toma’s order but she asks why. Don’t they already know who the culprit is? I told you guys, don’t mess with a hungry girl. As she mocks them, she once again feels a gaze.

8 hours until divine punishment. Toma gets ready for her usual zen enlightenment method. Sebumi still watches her, taunting: “That thing again”. Going on with her method, she writes about the case’s elements under Sebumi’s scrutinising eyes. Blog pictures, bloodstains, suzumushi, teacup…

When she’s finished, she tears all the pages and throws them in the air. It’s the「いただきました」- Itadakimashita (I get it) Time. She writes on a new page: The culprit is… And of course we’re not given the name.

2 hours until divine punishment. Future prisoner Itano Sadao arranges a flower composition in a big garden for an event when Toma and Sebumi walk up to him. He’s exasperated to see them again, but Toma reveals that if they don’t arrest immediately the criminal, he’ll be killed by divine punishment. Though it would be helpful to let that happen…Girl, say hello to ♥ Sebumi KICK ♥

Itano wants to focus on his work but too bad, our super duo came for him. Toma confidently says: “You’re the one who killed Onikado”. He retorts that he was in Kyoto, so Toma comes closer. “Would you like to hear more?”. Sure!

Fact 1: Onikado called his wife, Mariko, from his studio in Aoyama. During this phone call, a gunfire was heard.

Fact 2: At the same time, Itano was heading to Kyoto.

This is strange, says Toma. The criminal shoot Onikado while he was still speaking with his wife on the phone. It was certainly on purpose: why didn’t he wait for Onikado to end his call before shooting? Onikado suggests that it was maybe because of money that the killer didn’t have time to wait. Toma blows a kiss ~♥

If she were a robber, she would have waited until Onikado hung up the phone. That’s pretty logic. That way, the murder wouldn’t have been known to the call’s receiver. Uwah, Toma could totally plan the perfect crime.

In other terms, the criminal purposely waited for Onikado to call his wife. This whole scenario had only one goal: to give the criminal an alibi. The wife heard the shooting, thus creating a perfect alibi for Itano. First, he had to disguise the room as a crime scene, ravaging Onikado’s studio. But his artist nature got the better of him, and he gave himself away by putting the teacup artistically.

Then, he ambushed Onikado. In a flashback, we see how Itano led Onikado to go on a drive. Chatting like best friends, Itano suggests that Onikado comes with him on his trip to Kyoto, and Onikado complies. He calls his wife, and lies to her as he says that he is still in his Aoyama studio. Then we see a gun being pulled to his head and BANG!

As Toma wonders, was it Poirot, Columbo, Conan or Kindaichi that had the same story? Yay, Poirot! My all-time favorite detective…And she’s right, this scenario is so cliche…No brownie points for Itano.

But she’s not finished yet! She runs to her trademark red suitcase, and takes out the pictures his fans took the day of the murder. Toma made a enlargement of one, which reveals two drinks in the front cup holder. Surely, he won’t say he drank both?

Visibly shaken, Itano breathes hard and calms down by arranging his composition. He confesses that Onikado bought the drinks, and even thanked him for being his friend: he was about to kill himself in his studio, and showed a bloody scar. Itano ironically saved him, by reminding him of the old days. Facing Toma, Itano asks why she’s looking at him like he’s the culprit. Huh? Wasn’t it crystal-clear enough?

Not deterred, Toma has more to say. The day they met, Itano told the Mishou team that he could hear the suzumushi on the phone. She takes out her phone, and calls Chief Nonomura who is precisely at Onikado’s studio in Aoyama, and who can’t hear her because the suzumushi’s sound is too loud. She hands the phone to Itano, calling him “the criminal”, and he says that he doesn’t hear the sound. Thanks for falling in the trap, little mouse.

From the phone, you can hear a frequency from 300 hertz to 3400 hertz. The suzumushi’s sound has a frequency of 4000. The result it that you can’t hear their sound on the phone. So, even if Onikado was really in his studio, Itano’s testimony isn’t solid. In other words, he lied.

Totally busted, Itano has his back to the wall. He takes out his ikebana scissor from his pocket and desperately holds it up to his neck. As the blood runs down, Sebumi watches in dismay, remembering the Shimura and the Waki accidents.

Exploding, he yells and runs to the flower composition, completely destroying it. Seems like it works, as Itano stops and cries staring at his work. Trembling with rage, Sebumi’s voice shakes as he says: “He pleaded for his life”.

Taking Itano’s scissor, he hurls it to the ground, and elbow-punches Itano in the face. Toma looks, visibly shocked to discover this aspect of Sebumi.

Now that the culprit has been found, Toma, Sebumi and Rev. Oshima go visit Katsura in his cell. Sitting calmly, Katsura declares that he’s been watching Toma the whole time. To Sebumi, he says「お疲れ様でした」- Otsukaresama deshita (a polite way to say “Good job”).

Sebumi confidently announces that they solved the case, and that with Itano’s confession they’ll soon discover the Onikado’s body. Toma asks if they win. He replies gravely: “Unfortunately, you lose”.

Actually, there was an other offender that day, who’s still free today. And it’s Onikado Mariko! Gah, Sebumi, you suspected her!! Katsura stands up, and professes that he is a clairvoyant who can see beyond time and space. Upon hearing this last bit, both Sebumi and quickly turns to Rev. Oshima: Tubuyaiter! But the latter claims that he didn’t see a thing, so it doesn’t really add up.

Katsura wants to know what time it is, and Rev. Oshima says that it has been 24 hours since he contacted the Mishou unit. 24 hours. It’s time for divine punishment aka「天罰」- Tenbatsu. Promptly, Toma and Sebumi take out their phone, and Sebumi is first to call the police. Next thing we see, Mariko is being strangled by a resentful Matsui who accuses her of two-timing everyone: she was with Itano and with Matsui, all the while being married to Onikado.

He angrily (and very belatedly I’d say) realizes that she was using him, and she scoffs at his fatuity.

All men are idiots.

As she laughs, Matsui’s blood boils and he screams, squeezing tighter, breaking her neck in the process. On the screen, we read:「天罰タイム」- Tenbatsu Time. Matsui lets go of Mariko’s body and she falls, dead. One second later, the investigation unit barges in and arrests an apathetic Matsui.

Back in Katsura’s cell, he details the story: the mastermind behind Onikado’s death was Mariko. She had an affair with Itano, who already had previous arguments with Onikado, and she encouraged him to kill her husband. So in the end, the police didn’t find out the truth.

Katsura picks a tarot card (the Fool) and shows it to Toma and Sebumi: “Ordinary people like you have a limit”. Psssh, you drama queen.

Sebumi riposts: “And you will give Mariko divine punishment in place of God?” Katsura nods, and doesn’t deny that he has used Matsui. After all, this woman used stupid men to serve her purposes. Barely containing his anger, Sebumi growls: “You can’t ignore the law”. But he can’t stand to see someone play with other people’s lives, and giving in, he grabs Katsura by the collar to force him to get on his knees.

One person committed the murder. The one who decides destinies in life is God. The murder proves that!

With that, he plunges Katsura’s head into the toilet, and we can hear bubbles. Didn’t know that Japanese toilets have so much water…

Toma is paralyzed as she looks the scene unfolds, and Rev. Oshima steps forward to seize Sebumi. Katsura said the truth, and each crime was exposed by the power of God he has. Sebumi is not taking any shit, and claims that the guy is a hypocrite. With a snarl, he says that this man’s life doesn’t worth much before storming out.

Katsura wonders if he’s still affected by what happened to his subordinate, and muses that Sebumi is afraid that he (Shimura) will lose his life. You’re making me shudder, dude. Toma sends him a strange look but he knows things about her as well. He claims to know the truth about what happened to her left arm (and speaks of a “Ninomae” person).

As she shoots him a glare, he stands up and walks toward her: “One by one, I’ll uncover the truth. And I’ll give the criminals their just punishment.” Smugly, he restates that he is God’s messenger (yada yada), but this time he challenges her, as she represents the System that put him in jail: “Are you sure all of you can kill me?” Huh, hubris much?

Looking pretty gloomy on her way back, Toma goes to her favorite Gyoza restaurant to cheer up. As she watches the news covering Itano’s arrest, Chii (her ex-BF) enters and sits at her table. He congratulates her on the case and eats from her plate (puppy! You never learn, do you?) I love that they’re still comfortable around each other, even though something must have happened.

He says he heard about the sentenced criminal’s challenge, and that all was just a prank on the net. What now? Of course, Toma is surprised, but Chii tells her that it’s the police that has announced it, and indeed, even the TV news declares that the prank was an attempt to give support to Katsura. And the truth finally dawns on Toma: information is being manipulated.

In his dark priest cell, Rev. Oshima is typing a Tubuyaiter tweet about Katsura’s case, but can’t post it: the access is denied. Behind him, two men in black “advise” him to stop spreading his nonsense or else they’ll erase his existence. Gulp. Well, remember the old saying: When the light flickers, you know shit is about to go down.

As for Katsura, he looks up, as if speaking to God, alone in his dim cell. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but looks pretty anxious. And when a shadow passes by, he tries (pathetically, I must say) to blend into the wall. But that’s useless. Creepy Cap Man opens the cell door’s tray slot and looks at him as he introduces himself.

Katsura asks how did they manipulate information, and Creepy Cap Man replies that they handle crimes done with special abilities. His unit did some researches on Katsura, and it seems that his SPEC is not clairvoyance but an unusually acute sense of hearing. Katsura knew about the Aoyama case because he has heard policemen speak about it. Creepy Cap Man compliments his ability, as he can hear from kilometers away.

Perturbed, Katsura wants to know how they came to that conclusion, and CCM reveals that his unit hold a meeting that Katsura couldn’t hear. If Katsura really can see beyond time and space, surely he knows what’s to come? Err, seems like he can’t.

CCM puts a letter on the tray slot: Katsura’s death warrant has been issued. The letter is even signed by the Minister of Justice, and it’s telling of how they moved their ass to get the approval. They were so swift that they got to book the execution….RIGHT NOW. Terror-stricken, Katsura panics as guards come to take him.

He is forcefully brought into the execution chamber, yelling for help. Dude, why do you ask for help? Rev. Oshima is here, just in front of him, and reads the Bible without batting an eye while Katsura desperately shouts his name. The curtains open on the center of the room, and one of the guards puts a black hood on Katsura’s head as he is dragged toward a square red trap door, the noose waiting for him.

Three guards get ready in an adjacent room, near three wall-mounted push buttons (only one triggers the mechanism to open the trap door, but no one knows who pressed it).

Rev. Oshima carries on with his chant, Katsura screaming for help. The guards put the noose around his neck, and he breathes hard, his hood sticking to his mouth and nose. Behind the large glass window, the Justice Minister raises his arm for approval, and the chief guard gestures to the three guards to press the buttons.

As they’re doing so, time goes slow-mo and stops right before their fingers touch the buttons. The whole scene is shrouded in a halo effect, as well as other scenes: Sebumi, who has been stopped on his way back by Dr. Unno, the Gyoza Chef in his restaurant, Chii and Toma. As we return to the execution scene, the camera reveals the appearance of the Emo Teen we saw in the first episode.

Apparently, his SPEC is to freeze time. He calmly walks toward Katsura, and takes off his hood. As soon as he touches Katsura’s face, his “time” starts again. Emo Teen asks: “Do you want to be saved?”

Surprised, but not wasting this unbelievable chance, Katsura eagerly replies: “Help me”. Emo Teen beams, but the music stops as his smile freezes: “Noooo way~”. Crap! That was cruel. He snaps his fingers, and time restarts.



This episode was certainly not your average j-dorama dose of fun. Though it managed to be as crazy and quirky as I love it to be, this episode had a particular ring, more anchored to reality. The way they tackled the capital punishment theme was interesting, to say the least. I grew up in a country where death penalty (guillotine or shall I say “National Razor” aka “Madame Guillotine”) was abolished (thank you Robert Badinter!), and this whole ceremonial, though rushed, looked surreal to me.

I don’t think that death penalty is a supreme taboo in Japan, but it is surely a very sensitive issue. I believe things are changing, and the recent call for a national debate on whether Japan should maintain the death penalty, defended by the current Justice Minister Hideo Hiraoka is an other proof.

It was only in August 2010 that the Japanese government (Justice Minister Keiko Chiba, a famous opponent of death penalty) opened up its gallows to media (foreign media were excluded from the visit), and the settings of this episode’s execution chamber is perfectly similar to the pictures released in the newspapers.

So many questions were raised by this episode, and mostly when we reached the end. I found it disturbing yet fascinating plot-wise how Katsura, who is a criminal, was depicted here as a victim. And the alacrity with which the Public Welfare (Creepy Cap Man unit) orchestrated Katsura’s death really came as a surprise, even though we were informed from the beginning that he was slated to die. I confess I sincerely believed that Emo Teen would save him, to make him join a kind of SPEC army or something.

Speaking of him, Emo Teen is such a pervert! His smile was so ingenuous that I fell in the trap. Dayum, I can be so shallow.

All in all, this episode seems a bit irregular with its first part being grounded in the familiar detective story, and its second part playing the conspiration and the paranormal aspect. I am not saying it was bad, but the rythm was really different and I prefered the second part which literally made you keep your eyes wide open, for fear of missing one bit. I loved the way music was on par with every sequence and emotions, throughout the episode, and especially during Katsura’s execution.

Sebumi begins to show some cracks in his stoic, military armor. He let anger and rage took the control, and obviously he has some culpability issues. It’s telling that even our observant Toma seemed shocked to witness this aspect of Sebumi. But even she has her own problems and secrets, starting with her left arm. Since Katsura’s SPEC was hearing, we can assume he heard Creepy Cap Man’s unit talking about Toma?

Unlike so many trendy J-doramas, I don’t know what the future holds in store for the Mishou team, and this is surely what I enjoy most in this serie.

Before leaving, here’s the opening version for this episode:


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