Why recap?

Because I’m a masochist.


I mean, how else could you explain the fact that someone is willing to give his/her (precious) time to write long paragraphs about something that he/she may love, but that will likely not be read in the end (at least, for now). You may call that defeatism, I call that realism.

Especially when one may face harsh (sometimes rude and insulting) comments like those I’ve read recently on Dramabeans…That makes you reconsider about writing, in a foreign language to boot. And yet, there’s this urge to write and share opinions, and discuss about your favorite stuff, so in the end, you just give in.

With this blog, I want to improve my english recap and discuss Japanese dramas, albeit I’m not putting korean ones behind. Thing is, I’m learning Japanese, and I think I know more about Japan and its culture than I do about Korea. Wow, I sound mighty arrogant here, even though my knowledge of Japanese is still in a beginner state. But that was only to highlight the difference between what I know about Japan, and what I know about Korea.

For the record, I intend to recap “vintage” Japanese dramas. Why? Because they are over, and it’s easier to check those which are better. I personnally prefer to recap something good rather than be disappointed halfway with a live show and reluctantly carry on with the recap. Also, I love vintage.

I confess I hope to interest people who don’t usually watch Asian dramas. I’d love to share my passion for Japanese culture, and what’s better than dramas to do that? I mean, you learn so many things about a culture just by watching a 46 minutes episode of any drama from whatever country. As much as I hate don’t like the daily soap “Plus Belle La Vie”, I can’t deny you’ll surely learn bits of French culture watching it. (I…guess?)

[Oh mon dieu, never thought I’d write about PBLV and even put a picture…]

So, I’ll do my best to provide a good mix of entertainment and cultural information. That may sound childish, stupid or unrealistic, but my sincerity is genuine. After all, I am a foreigner who fell for Japanese culture through its media production myself and I wrote a thesis about Japanese and Korean dramas (ok, the point was more about how french viewers perceived Asian dramas) so maybe my point of view will be appreciated by others in the same stage of learning.

Remember that this is personal blog, so everything I’ll write here will be my personal opinions and I don’t pretend to be a font of knowledge. I just try to entertain my guests and myself, and if I can share some informations in the process, I’d be delighted.

2 thoughts on “Why recap?

  1. Haha I agree with you about the masochist part! I actually did three recaps yesterday back to back and wonder why I am doing this 😛 It takes so much of energy and concentration! And this was hours before I was to fly off to Hong Kong mind you … yes, because we’re masochists at heart.

    PS: Thanks for commenting at my blog! You don’t know how much I appreciate that 😛

    • Awww, you beat me here…I’m a masochist, but I’m also a procrastinator at heart.
      Before your flight @__@ crazy woman

      PS: You’re welcome, a comment really makes your day ^^
      now I do know how you appreciate it 😀

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