Protect the Boss…because I’m comiiiiiing!


Dayum, I vowed I would never watch a drama trailer again. Last time I did that, it was the trailer of Lie To Me, and God knows how crapfully crappy this drama was. Sorry for those who worshipped it, but I guess my expectations were so high on that one, that the fall hitted hard. Errrrr, but that’s not the matter here. Ho-hum.

I’ve kept an eye on Protect the Boss (보스를 지켜라) since I’ve heard about Choi Kang-hee being on board. Even though I’m kind of fed up with all those Korean chaebols. But thanks to ockoala‘s blog, I got to watch the long trailer and I.Loved.It. I mean, I was bound to love it :

1. Strong, sassy, badass girl. Check

2. An otaku chaebol. Check

3…..Did I mention the strong, sassy, badass girl ?

What can I say, I’m such a sucker for stories where tradional tropes are being reversed. And in just one (long) preview, we have a (weird) Prince Charming saved by his (petite) princess, who’s not afraid to take on a whole bunch of thugs. But, here, as the Prince Charming that he is, he’s left with only one shoe to find her.

I guess most people will watch this drama because of Jaejoong (sorry if I mispelled it, I’m not really into the idols’ world), but that’s okay, since I’ve my own girl crush, and maybe otaku crush. I just hope that this drama won’t turn all Lie To Me….pretty please, Show ?

Here’s the trailer, and thanks to jyjsubs for the subtitles !

2 thoughts on “Protect the Boss…because I’m comiiiiiing!

  1. I heard about how bad Lie To Me turned out in the end, but a lot of people still worshiped it till the end – I wonder why is that? Well, maybe cos I do like the pair and Kang Ji Hwan is always awesome to watch. (I stopped watching at ep 5 though :P)

    I was initially drawn to PTB because of Ji Sung – hearing that he’s in a comedy for the first time ever? Well, I HAD to watch it. And I’m glad I did. What a drama! And yes, I really hope it doesn’t turn Lie To Me on us – it’s awesome so far, though the love triangle grates on me 😉

    • haha, I know, right? Even though I was waiting feverishly for a new YEH drama, I was majorly disappointed. I’ve never watched a KJH drama (I know, shame on me), so it was new to see him, but I gave up quite quickly…After episode 2..

      PTB is wacky and I’m loving the OTP..I feel like Ji-heon is what Domyôji/Gu Jun-pyo should have been: crazy (but in a fun way…not violent, d’ya hear me, Domyôji?), stupid (ibid), and let’s not forget the curly hair!

      How I’m glad the strong, sassy, badass girl didn’t fail me (take that Makino/Jan-di) 😉

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